Cena in Atlantic Drift

A semi-matte blue finish with swirls and speckles of sandy copper. Bright and refreshing, like the first sighting of land after days adrift.

Cena Line

Our take on the classic dinnerware plate and a great backdrop for your home cooked meal (or take-out). It has enough depth to contain saucy dishes but is still slim and trim. It comes in three sizes: Dinner, Lunch and the very handy lil’ Dessert plate (which may be the smallest, but we promise, you will find endless uses for it).

  • Dessert Plate 6.5"
  • Lunch Plate 8.5"
  • Dinner Plate 10"
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe. Product Care
Info & Store Policy

All items are hand thrown on the wheel by Lindsey. Due to its hand-crafted nature, the unique piece you receive may differ slightly from what's pictured. More Info

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